Curriculum vitae

Christiane Nord, professional translator, PhD, Habilitation, Dr. honoris causa (mult) translation scholar specialised in translation pedagogy.

  • Family

    Christiane Nord, PhD, professor for Translation Studies

    born in 1943 at Eberswalde, Germany.

  • Educational background and academic career

    Trained as a translator for Spanish and English at Heidelberg University (B.A. Honours), PhD in Romance Studies, habilitation in Applied Translation Studies and Translation Pedagogy. From 1967, involved in translator training at the universities of Heidelberg, Vienna, Hildesheim, Innsbruck and Magdeburg (1996-2005). Invited for short-time teaching appointments by universities and translator training institutions in Europe, Middle East, America, Asia and Africa. Appr. 200 publications about theoretical, methodological and pedagogical aspects of "functionalism" in translation. As from 2007, research associate and professor extraordinary of the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa.

  • Other academic activities

    Talks given at scientific conferences, seminars and lectures on the theory, methodology and pedagogy of translation taught at universities and other translator training institutions in Europe, the Middle and Far East, North and South America and in Africa.